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Individual Labour Law – Collective Labour Law

Datum: Dienstag, 16.04.2024

Uhrzeit: 14:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Ort: Haus der Wirtschaft Südhessen, Rheinstraße 60, 64283 Darmstadt

Challenges when leading employees

Labour law in Germany is rather different from the labour law in other countries, especially in the UK, the United States and in Asia. The seminar introduces foreign managers to the basics of German labour law. Although a lot of topics in every day working life are governed by mandatory rules and regulations stipulated on a federal as well as a national level, German Law also leaves room for flexibility. As the concept of social  partnership goes back a long time, the system of checks and balances needs a closer look to gain an understanding for its limits as well  as its chances.

A large part of the seminar deals with the challenges of leading employees. This includes questions concerning the employer´s discretionary right and the subject of remote working.  We will also talk about the approach to performance issues such as will, ill and skill.
Whenever appropriate, you will be familiarised with the role and the rights and obligations of the works council on the sub- ject of co-determination.

Both our trainers are very experienced. They will answer your questions comprehensively and give you practical advice.

— Employment contract and frame work of legislation:
— Liabilities and rights of employers and employees working time, discretionary right, home office
— Will – skill – ill (performance issues and procedures)
— Role, rights and obligations of the works council on the subject of co-determination

Additional topics can be added upon participants´ requests.

Focus: Working on the basis of the participants´ knowledge Discussion and Understanding

Non German-speaking CEOs, Branch Managers, HR-directors and other executives, supervising employees in Germany

Susanne Burster, labour lawyer
Markus Haimann, labour lawyer
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