German Labour Law


This seminar familiarizes foreign managers with the main items of German labour law.

10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Das Seminar ist ein Onlineangebot und wird als „Webinar“ durchgeführt.
Links und Einwahldaten erhalten Sie 1 - 2 Tage vor Seminarbeginn.


Part I: Managing Employment: Individual Labour Law
Part II: Works Council & Co-Determination Rights

Labour law in Germany has a lot more obligations and requirements than in other countries, especially in the UK and the United States. This seminar familiarizes foreign managers with the main items of German labour law.

Part I deals with the challenge to manage employment and focuses on topics of individual labour law.

Part II concentrates on the rights and obligations of the works council and the rights of Co-Determination.

Participants may register for both parts or choose either part, individually.

Your questions will be answered comprehensively and for practical application. During the workshop, you can exchange your experiences with colleagues.

The seminar contents in detail:

    Part I:

  •     legal basis of employment contracts
  •     liabilities and rights of employers and employees
  •     (f.i. working time, third party employment)
  •     will – skill – ill: performance issues and procedures when managing employment

    Part II:

  •     works council: rights and obligations
  •     Co-Determination
  •     Additional topics can be added upon participants‘ requests.

Group of Participants
Non German-speaking CEOs, Branch Managers, HR-directors
and other executives, supervising employees in Germany

Susanne Burster,
labour lawyer
Markus Haimann,
labour lawyer
Unternehmerverbände Südhessen

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